University of Wisconsin–Madison

Pardon the noise, it’s a sign of progress

Along with hazard tape, equipment, and maybe a few unfamiliar faces in the hallways, another sure sign that construction has begun in the HSLC is the noise. While not ideal conditions for a learning environment like the Health Sciences Learning Center, noise is unavoidable. It’s also a indication that progress is being made on a renovation project that will create, maintain, and improve our state-of-the-art learning environment.

The first phase is an intense effort to complete the active learning center, simulation spaces, and silent study area before the fall semester begins in August. As a result, a significant amount of construction noise will affect the south side of the third floor, as well as portions of the second floor through Aug. 11 while walls are being constructed and mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems are updated and/or installed. The loudest of these activities requires drilling through the concrete floor slab of the third floor, which will cause significant noise, beginning July 13 and continuing through to early the week of July 17.

Alternative study spaces are available in Rennebohm Hall, Cooper Hall, and portions of the Ebling Library. Be aware, though, that there will likely be residual noise in all areas of the Health Sciences Learning Center throughout the summer.