University of Wisconsin–Madison

Little details make a big difference

When complete, the Health Sciences Learning Center Enhancement project will mean big changes that will create, maintain, and improve our state-of-the-art learning environment. All four floors of the existing learning center will be improved, including increasing both quiet and group study space and creating better learning and collaborative environments.

That’s the big picture. Sometimes, though, it’s the little details that make a big difference. This is particularly true in a learning space like the HSLC where it’s not uncommon for students to spend their days and nights. That’s why the design team has taken care to, well, sweat the small stuff.

For example, the design includes a second lactation room. Located on the south side of the third floor, which will also house a  large multi-use active learning center, a new exam suite, and larger new restrooms, the lactation room will be a single occupancy room with refrigerator, sink, mirror, chair, wall hooks, outlets, etc. Additional insulation between the suite and the restrooms will ensure a relaxing, private experience for new mothers. The lactation room is part of phase I, which will be complete prior to April 18.

Other enhancements throughout the center include:

  • Larger restrooms
  • New bottle filling stations on the third floor
  • Private restrooms in CTAC suite (separate for students and patients)
  • Sounds system and equipment hookups in atrium for presentations
  • New wayfinding throughout building, including a welcome wall in atrium
  • Privacy rooms in office areas
  • Additional mentor rooms
  • Room reservation/card reader access for many of the meeting spaces
  • Enhanced WiFi and additional outlets throughout building