University of Wisconsin–Madison

Phased construction already underway

Orchestrating a construction project such as the one being undertaken at the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s School of Medicine and Public’s Health’s Health Sciences Learning Center is, like, well, conducting an orchestra. Just as the maestro must cue each section or instrument at the precise time, the design and construction team conducting this project has coordinated a finely tuned process that will allow for the least disruption possible to students, faculty and staff.

As anticipated, construction is scheduled to start within the month. Targeted communication with department heads will take place this week week with town hall meetings in early May.

The project has been divided into two phases driven by the April 2018 site visit by the Committee on Medical Education. All projects related to the accreditation process must be complete in time for the site visit and the 2018-19 academic year. Phase I — which is critical to the LCME accreditation — will take place between June 2017 and April 2018.

As a precursor to Phase I, several departments and few individuals will move before construction starts. This will create a staging area for the contractor on the south side of the third floor, where the active learning center and simulation spaces are critical to the overall timeline. It will also allow for spaces on the second floor, specifically the silent study area, to be prepped and ready for demolition to meet the aggressive timeline. Further staging will be determined by contractor except conference rooms/training spaces. Three must be done prior to start of fall semester because they are used for classrooms and the team has committed to taking just one conference room off line at a time.

On the third floor, the new Clinical Teaching and Assessment Classroom must be operational before the existing simulation space is shut down. Part of the existing CTAC space will become a Multicultural Affiars/NACHP suite in Phase 1. The rest of the CTAC and affiliated offices on the first floor will be reworked into offices for a variety of departments.

Also during Phase 1, all AV will be upgraded. Student houses on the second floor will also be renovated. 

Phase 2, which will take place from May to August 2018 will include the remaining office spaces as well as staff conference areas.


Phase 1 and Phase 2: April 24, 2017 to Aug.  10, 2018 

•  April 24: Bid Opening

June 13: Mobilize construction team

June 28, 2017 to Aug. 10, 2018: Construction

Aug. 13, 2018: Building Fully Operational

Phase 1:  June 28, 2017 to April 1, 2018

June 28 to Aug. 11, 2017: Demolition & ceiling plumbing on second floor.

Aug. 14: Classes resume

April 1, 2018: Phase 1 complete

April (TBD), 2018: Accreditation Visit

PHASE II: April 30 to Aug. 10, 2018

• Aug. 10, 2018: Complete

•  Aug. 13, 2018: Building Fully Operational