University of Wisconsin–Madison

‘Shop’ for silent study furniture

Students will have a chance to weigh in on furniture options that may be selected for the silent study area. A selection of furniture pieces will be on display in the atrium from March 20 to 27.

Several students have been part of the process to-date, offering their unique insights as part of the design discussion of the space, including the seating options. The selected pieces represent a variety of postures as well as a mix of soft and hard seating. All are designed for single use; some are enclosed, and others are open.

The design team is interested to learn what students and other users think of the various options. So, take a seat next week and let us know what you think by filling out this survey.


Hosu is soft seating to relax, work, think, and read. A wire pass through at the base easily connect to laptops, tablets and mobile devices.
Haven Pods workstations and booths nestle to maximize space. Almost entirely enclosed, Haven pods are ideal for focus with a hard surface for individual work.
The Brody WorkLounge creates a comfortable microenvironment by thoughtfully integrating power, ergonomic comfort, personal storage and lighting.
A contemporary take on the study carrel, enter POD at the side. The back-covering, upholstered curved panel and power options ensure total focus on tasks while allowing users to maintain their connection to the surrounding open environment.
Workstation panels divide the space and provide privacy.









The Renew Sit-to-Stand Tables seamlessly transition between seated and standing working posture.











A counter height table with a comfortable stool allows students to sit or stand (or both) during long periods of studying.
A modified telephone booth concept uses workstation panels for visual and acoustic privacy.










* Please note these images represent the types of furniture being considered and may or may not be the final products installed in the silent study area.