University of Wisconsin–Madison

Many spaces closed for construction due to reopen in August

As anticipated, construction has begun at the Health Science Learning Center.

The first phase — driven by the April 2018 site visit by the Committee on Medical Education  — must be complete in time for the site visit and the start of the 2018-19 academic year in August.

This ambitious schedule meant that several departments and a few individuals moved or had spaces that were renovated before construction started in order to create a staging area for General Contractor JP Cullen on the south side of the third floor adjacent to the active learning center, simulation spaces, and silent study area, which must be complete by Aug. 11.

Now that construction in this area has begun in earnest,  the south side of the third floor will remain a major construction area through February 2018, when it will be reopened as the new CTAC Suite, enlarged restrooms, lounge area, lactation room, and new Active Learning Center. Until then, the space —  including previous library stacks, restrooms, and a handful of group study rooms — have been shut down, and a significant amount of construction noise will affect the south side of the third floor, as well as portions of the second floor throughout the remainder of the summer while walls are being constructed and mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems are updated and/or installed.

In order to install plumbing in the CTAC, the Student House classrooms also will be shut down until August. They will be reopened in time for the fall 2017 semester. Classroom/Training Rooms 1220, 1222, and 3330 also have been shut down for AV upgrades for the remainder of the summer session and will reopen prior to fall classes starting.

Throughout the fall, various other meeting spaces will be closed while the AV and finishes are updated.  No more than one meeting space will be closed at a time. The remaining Group Study Rooms on the third floor also will receive AV upgrade during the fall semester.

Other shutdowns include:

  • Student House Lounges: Under construction through March 2018
  • Silent Study Area: Under construction through March 2018. Computers previously located on the second floor of the Ebling Library have been relocated.
  • Former CTAC Suite: Four existing exam rooms and the patient lounge will be closed beginning in November 2017.  They will be reconfigured for offices and workstations and a portion will be turned into the Multicultural/NACHP Suite, which will open in March 2018.
  • New CTAC Suite: Opening in March 2018.

Phase 2, which will take place from May to August 2018 will include the remaining office spaces as well as staff conference areas.